4.01 - 4x1 icon not working

pasted from chat as requested

Cyanide7710:47 pm

Just upgraded 4.01 … My now playing widget (4x1) Just said nothing playing no matter if anything is playing or not… Removed the widget… Re-added… Now all seems ok in that I can see the song playing/pause/skip etc… Bit the play button doesn’t change to a pause icon when the music is paused.

No major issue Just letting ya know in case anyone else sees it.

Oh no actually the widget doesn’t update with anything … The play button is always play… The song is wrong… (Last song played after reading the widget) skip buttons work… But the widget song title/name is stuck

Restarted phone open app play song… Minimize … Widget shows “nothing is playing”

Not sure if its only the 4x1 affected… I added a test circular widget and that appears to refresh/update with the current media… Please bting back 4x1 x

I did ask to open an issue, so filling the template, logs, all the things that are necessary. Not just copy paste.

And while your at it, add the 2 other widgets and see if they work with the logs enabled :wink:

Working again in 4.1.1 thanks!

Say thanks to John who contacted me by mail and did provide the asked logs instead of making me loose my time :wink:

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John you hero thanks